"You Alright Mate?" is a British expression for greeting someone. An answer is rarely expected in return.

The "You Alright Mate?" (YAM) campaign explores the literal sentiment behind this greeting while building on several years of mental health awareness work, to bring an important educational experience to your organization.














Jonny Benjamin MBE and Neil Laybourn have been mental health awareness pioneers for several years in the U.K. Their story began when Neil talked Jonny Benjamin out of taking his life in London in 2008.

Since, they have become widely known in the U.K. for their mental health awareness work, collaborating at engagements with everyone from Goldman Sachs to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Bringing their work to the U.S. for their first full stateside tour, they are joined in their campaign by their good friends Wesley Jemel Alston, Johnny Quinn Alston and James Ski who have a mental health story of their own.

Together, their work seeks to inspire and educate on what it means to be conscious and supportive of your fellow man or woman in the home, workplace or other organizations.

Jonny Benjamin MBE was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder at a young age, and tried to take his own life in January 2008. He was saved by Neil Laybourn, and a national campaign reunited them years later. 


Jonny's early mental health work included an impressive and spirited series of charismatic YouTube videos explaining living life with a complex mental health history. The videos were uplifting and de-stigmatizing, with an air of optimism that was powerfully inspiring for their large audience.    

Neil Laybourn won a Pride of Britain Award for his priceless selfless act of saving Jonny's life during a suicide attempt in 2008. Neil and Jonny have spoken together at numerous institutions, organizations, charities and more.

Some U.S. Mental Health Statistics


percentage of adult population in the united states living with mental conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia (newsweek)

18.2% (1 in 5 adults)


percentage of individuals with psychiatric disorders (35 millioN people) receiving no treatment (Mental illness policy org) 



average number of suicides per day

121 suicides

2014 Summer pics.png


Jonny Benjamin and Neil with their friends Wesley and Johnny Quinn from the US, and Natasha from Rethink Mental Illness in the UK, in 2014. They all met together in a surprising way.

Mental health care is improving as the world grows smarter, but there are still a wealth of environments and communities that have not had an opportunity to access the best knowledge, understanding and tools that support healthy living for all.  

Mental health crises can be managed, but not if the individuals and their communities aren't trained on what to look for.

In the US, a lack of knowledge and excess of discomfort when approaching matters like mental health stretches across all classes, ethnicities and creeds, from the living room to the corporate office.

The "You Alright Mate?" campaign builds on the prior impactful work of its workshop leaders to share talks and exchanges which teach that shame and fear should not be associated with having mental health issues. As well, this campaign educates not only at risk individuals, but the communities and environments surrounding them, on how to recognize when there are mental healthcare issues, what the steps to healing are and how to take those steps so that everyone can keep moving forward and prosper in an inclusive and supportive fashion. Joined by their American friends, Jonny Benjamin and Neil Leybourn are honored to educate and inspire your workplaces, homes and communities to gain knowledge they may not even have known they were missing.

The truth is, you can't fix a problem if you run from it. Only when "elephants in the room" are acknowledged, only when stigmas and fears are risen above, and only when there is true tolerance and acceptance for all of life's peculiarities, can true understanding be reached to make room for true healing and success.