We appreciate your Support!


You Alright Mate? raises money to support global community building efforts by facilitating interaction between programs, organizations and charities worldwide.

Additionally, we seek to sponsor individuals with mental health challenges who may be candidates for our "YAM All Star" program.

Our inaugural fundraiser will support You Alright Mate?'s (YAM) initial efforts in community building, global outreach and mental health sponsorship. Our first symbolic fundraising goal, with a deadline of February 16 2018, is $10K in conjunction with the launch of our YAM Ensemble program launch, hosted by BlackRock NYC on February 15, 2018.

As thanks, all inaugural donors will be represented both on an Inaugural Donor list featured on our website and all of our social media accounts, and via a commemorative design of our international logo, which will be featured at signature events, in press releases and on signage related to mental health efforts worldwide, in perpetuity.


Donated funds go towards You Alright Mate?’s initial community outreach and youth sponsorship work.

You alright mate? is a non profit organization in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status. 501(c)(3) determination of tax-exempt status by the irs will be retroactive to the organization's formation date rendering donations made from february 15, 2018 onward eligible for tax deduction.